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1:1 Group of Companies is a full service fundraising agency with over 19 years in residential canvassing, street campaigns, retail kiosk fundraising and entertainment fundraising.

Led by industry professionals in both direct fundraising and entertainment consulting & production who have employment background in some of the largest charitable organizations.  Our campaigns are custom formulated for each client.  Choose from our service channels for a single or multi-channel tailored campaign.

With our internal charity experience, we provide a deeper understanding of our client's needs.

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Traditional residential canvassing, street and retail kiosk fundraising still works!  We deploy professional fundraising teams across the country on behalf of great organizations

Extended Reality... It is the future of the way people take in media.  Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality to enhance the donor experience

Engage a captivated audience of thousands a night through entertainment fundraising.  Signature events and touring opportunities. 


Our Donor Rewards Program provides donors a fun and exciting way to be rewarded for their commitment to monthly giving programs.  This program is designed for quality attrition enhancement.

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