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About 1:1

The team behind 1:1 Fundraising is no stranger to fundraising.  As North America’s first and only face to face agency utilizing the power of extended reality tech development and signature event production,  established as a company solely focusing to serve charities. The founders have spent over 19 years in face to face professional fundraising campaign development.  As fundraisers who have all started from humble beginnings knocking on doors, standing on street corners or in a kiosk, we understand and have seen the increasing challenges of engaging potential donors.   Formed to offer an unparalleled Face-to-Face experience, based on ethical and innovative practices delivered by a team of passionate fundraisers.
We consider ourselves the most evolved and innovative group of fundraisers today!   The focal point is on not just quality acquisition volume but delving deep into understanding donor behaviors and the value in the donor’s experience.  1:1 Fundraising works closely with its charity partners to create, test and analyze a digital face to face program that produces long-term quality donors and donors who sign up for the right reasons at the right ask level.
We want to lead the market in innovation and exciting new approaches while we actively seek to keep up to date with trends in the world charitable giving.  This has led us to adopt a very unique technical driven approach to our business model.  With the key performance indicators of any face to face program based on donor age and average gift of the donor, we work with our clients on creating variable ask string options so that we can empower the donor to make the commitment choice with which they feel most comfortable.  


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The opportunity to create a business model standing apart from all other fundraising agencies and services that was entirely reflective of the projected value of the donor’s experience and emotional connection to the cause through groundbreaking technology was embraced by our team of fundraisers.  We believe this is the way to proceed as an entire organization moving forward.  

Full suite of fundraising services

Not only does the 1:1 Group offers traditional face to face fundraising in residential, street and retail canvassing, we offer alternative channel solutions such as events production & fundraising, Donor loyalty rewards programs and digital fundraising campaign solutions.

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