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What does it mean to be an Artist Associate?


The Artist Associate & Ambassadors Program is a community of artists, speakers and performers just like you who are passionate about positive change and have committed their time and talent to help great causes by partnering with charities. Artist Associates encourage others to become monthly donors – a powerful way to give tangible help to children, families, and communities nationwide and globally.


If you’re an artist and have an audience of any size…you should consider being an Artist Associate.  This program works with both signed and indie artists.  You can use your platform to be an advocate along side of your artistry.  It’s not complicated, and it can been an incredible partnership for you.


Practically speaking, it can allow you to expand the reach of your art to a global scale and make a difference in the lives of children the world over.

To find out more about our program, complete our Artist Associates Inquiry Form and a member of our team will contact you to discuss the program and provide you further details.



Touring Opportunities

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Strengthening Your Brand

Artist Exclusive Events


Thanks for registering to join our Artist Associates Program.  An Relationship Manager will contact you soon!

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